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2 million people in need provided access to care

$185 million paid to VSP network doctors to provide no-cost eye care

Together with VSP network doctors, through Eyes of Hope® initiatives, VSP Global has provided access to no-cost eye care and eyewear for 2 million people in need. Marchon has been an integral partner in providing frames for the Eyes of Hope mobile eye care clinics and global eyewear donation programs. Marchon employees routinely volunteer to support VSP network doctors as they provide care for patients on board the Eyes of Hope mobile eye care clinics, and support Optometry Giving Sight annually through World Sight Day Challenge fundraising, the only global fundraising campaign that specially targets the prevention of blindness and impaired sight due to uncorrected vision.

Visit globaleyesofhope.com to learn about how Eyes of Hope initiatives are increasing access to eye care and eyewear where it’s needed most.

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