Marchon Frame Design Room


We work with our brand partners to translate their individual philosophies into fashion-forward designs that blend technical innovation with eye-catching style. It’s our goal to consistently design distinctive eyewear while meeting the appeal and fit for every global consumer.

The Shop VSP’s Innovation Lab The Shop VSP’s Innovation Lab The Shop VSP’s Innovation Lab

The Shop is VSP Global’s innovation lab. Here, we focus on developing the technologies that are influencing the physical and digital worlds of eyewear and care. As the industry continues to change, The Shop allows VSP Global businesses to stay ahead of the curve and provide the latest solutions to members around the world.


The Shop West - Sacramento, CA

Located inside a former auto showroom in midtown, the West Coast Shop stands at the intersection of software and hardware. The goal is to develop better eye care products for patients and better services for doctors.


The Shop East – New York, NY

At the East Coast Shop, nestled inside Marchon’s worldwide headquarters, our designers and technologists are pushing the boundaries of industrial design and alternative manufacturing to reinvent the way eyewear is created, utilized and worn.


Nike Sunglasses - Concept and Design Nike Sunglasses – Eyeglass Frame Mold Nike Sunglasses – Finished Eyeglass Frame
How it

We have a team of over 50 designers, color specialists and product developers working to create the next big trends in eyewear. From inspiration to final design, our Design Team produces the eyewear that keeps us on the cutting edge of fashion.

Accessorize Lacoste Glasses with Lacoste Handbags Accessorize Lacoste Shirts with Lacoste Eyeglasses Green Lacoste Glasses Orange Lacoste Glasses
01 Inspiration

To come up with a new eyewear design, we completely immerse ourselves in the brand’s DNA. We look at what makes each brand unique—everything from iconic logos to signature textures—and let that inspire our designs.

Nike Sunglasses – Eyeglass Frame Temple Design Nike Sunglasses – Eyeglass Frame Design Mens Nike Sunglasses – Designing Frames Mens Nike Sunglasses – Cutting Edge Design
02 Development

Once the design direction has been finalized, we begin the development process. We take all of our hand-drawn sketches and turn them into easily manipulated digital renders.

Sunglasses Designed from Prototyping 3D Printed Sunglasses
03 Prototyping

The next step is to bring the digital designs into the real world. We prototype each frame using 3D printers to check for fit and feasibility. The goal is to make sure our designs are versatile enough to complement a variety of face shapes.

Nike Sunglasses – Design Drawings Refining Nike Sunglasses Nike Sunglasses Refined by Color Chips Yellow Nike Sunglasses
04 Refinement

After designs have been approved and tested, we start to think of ways to really refine the frame. We look at color, texture and material, and come to final decisions on the details that help make this new design unlike anything else.

Salvadore Ferragamo Eyeglasses Bag Salvadore Ferragamo Eyeglasses Packaging Salvadore Ferragamo Sunglasses Salvadore Ferragamo Clothe
05 Production

The final step is to actually put our designs into production. We create the actual molds and tools that will produce these frames, design custom-fit cases and even create the packaging that holds it all together.